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ClassicLine loves Autumn. Obvious highlights include Halloween, Bonfire Night, cosy nights in, plus the fact that it means Christmas is just around the corner, hooray!

Autumn can also bring its own driving challenges, including more leaves on the road, wetter driving conditions and shorter days.

Helpful as ever, ClassicLine has some top tips to help you steer clear of any potential hazards.

Razzle Dazzle

The sun is lower at this time of year and causes more glare, impairing driver vision.

Keeping a pair of shades in the car can help, while other ways to improve vision including keeping the windscreen clear, replacing any damaged or old
wiper blades and fixing any cracks or chips.

Most importantly, if you are dazzled then slow down. As the saying goes, more haste, less speed.

Turn over a new leaf

Hitting a patch of wet leaves can be as hazardous as hitting standing water or black ice, so if you see any then make sure to reduce your speed.

Also, remember that leaves could be covering a pothole, manhole cover or a dip – so approach with caution.

Leaves can be dangerous – be-leave us!

Wet, wet, wet

Autumn experiences more than its fair share of rainfall. Obviously keep a low speed and safe distance from the car in front, allowing for extra braking distance.

Try to avoid ploughing through standing water as your car is not a boat and can suffer damage to its internal components.

Should the worse happen and the car aquaplanes, then try and keep a cool head and keep actions to a minimum, letting the car reduce speed gradually.

Tyres should be regularly checked for air, tread and overall condition.

Fluid thinking

Autumn is a good time to check windscreen wash and anti-freeze levels

Batteries don’t like the cold, so if it’s already on its last legs then it will probably struggle as the temperature drops.

It’s also a good idea to keep fluid in the car, such as a bottle of water or flask of tea, just in case of a breakdown.

ClassicLine would love to hear from you if you have any Autumn driving tips.