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Inviting. Informal. Inclusive.

When we asked Founder and Club Organiser, Felix Camfield-Walker, to describe the H-Town Classic & Dub Club in three words, this was his reply. This too is what we love the UK classic car scene, it’s diversity. An appreciation for all things automotive is what it’s all about.

Let us introduce you to the H-Town Classic & Dub Club

The H-Town Classic & Dub Club formed in September 2017 and now with around 1,550 members this club is continuously growing. Located in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, H-Town is an abbreviation of Hitchin Town – self-explanatory right!

So, after being shortlisted in the Top 10 Practical Classics Classic Car Clubs in the UK, we wanted to hear more about what this great club has achieved in such a short space of time.

We caught up with Felix Camfield-Walker, Club Organiser, to find out more…

Tell us about the club

We’re a mixture between a club and a group of friends with a common interest. Friendly, informal with regular meets based around a very busy social media platform focused on our Facebook page, and to some extent our Instagram account.

Who’s in the team?

I started and run the club on a day to day basis with a huge amount of help from my friend Ian Lusby. Ian and I met through H-Town quite a while back and his help quickly became invaluable as the club took off so rapidly!

I also have a great amount of help from long-time friend and founder member, Andy Phillipson, with regards to sourcing merchandising opportunities and brand imagery.

There are lots of members that lend a hand wherever needed. It’s a very helpful community feel within H-Town. Everyone’s up for getting involved and someone in the club is always fixing another club members’ vehicle (often mine!).

Tell us a bit about the vehicles that are covered by the club?

Well! Where do we start… H-Town Classic and Dub Club’s main ethic and buzzword is ‘INCLUSIVITY’. I am really proud of how diverse the membership is.

We regularly welcome anything from Lamborghinis and McLarens to Foden tractors, Beetles, low-rider bicycles, Porches and 2CV’s!

How about you Felix, how long have you been involved?

I’ve been into classics my whole life. Specifically starting I suppose with the Aircooled scene in the late 80’s. I’ve owned many classics, around 60 in total, I suppose. My last three were my current 1971 1200 Beetle; before that a 1989 BMW 325i convertible and before that a 1968 Triumph 2000 and 1978 Peugeot 305 at the same time.

Money no object…

Bright orange 1971 Porsche 914.

Do members receive any benefits, discounts, for being part of the club?

Yes, we receive a 15% discount on insurance from yourselves, ClassicLine Insurance. Osinsky’s, the local pub we meet in front of, and several other local businesses. Our club name carries a lot of clout now I am informed…

So, tell us about the club meets?

We meet on the last Monday of every month in Hitchin Market Square from 6pm until around 10pm. We congregate, swap parts, make fun of each other and generally have fun! CL: Sounds great!

Do you organise an annual club event?

We arrange a big gathering in Hitchin in the middle of May. This year’s (and only our second!) is on the 19th May at Walsworth Common in Hitchin, starting around 11am.

What other events does the club attend during the year?

We cruise whenever possible and tend to travel in smaller groups to more marque specific events. The ones I look forward to the most are our own regular meets!

My must attend event include VW Action, NSRA Hot Rod Superationals, Bicester Heritage Sunday Scramble and the Luton Festival of Transport. CL: We will see you at the NSRA Hot Rod Supernationals!

Are there any club moments that stand out for you over the years?

Our first anniversary prize draw was a standout night… From the guy that drove almost 100 miles in a beach buggy in late September, to rather embarrassingly reading out through a megaphone that it was my own car that had won one of the heats to good-natured calls of “FIX!” from the crowd.

Tell us, what’s your view on the future of the classic and retro car scene Felix?

The scene has to be diverse to survive. We can’t only consider Triumphs, Beetles and Morris Minors as classics, we must broaden our horizons.

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Does the H-Town Classic & Dub Club support any charities?

We don’t have one particular chosen charity, but we do love a cause.

Has the club won any awards or received any nominations?

Yes! We have won Best Club on a local level (thanks Ickledub!). We were given special mention last year at the Classic and Sports Car Awards for our diverse membership and were shortlisted back in February 2019 for the Practical Classics Top Ten Classic Clubs UK wide.

Are there any interesting projects in the pipeline for the club?

There’s ALWAYS something in the pipeline. Would like to do more collabs this year. CL: You heard it hear first! If you would like to get involved with the H-Town Classic & Dub Club, get in touch with Felix.

So, these are the people behind one of our favourite clubs. Working hard behind the scenes and trying to create a club that’s diverse and inclusive. H-Town Classic & Dub Club, thank you for being our car club of the month.

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