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Flagyl ER is used for treating certain bacterial infections of the vagina (bacterial vaginosis).

Can u buy flagyl over the counter ? A: No, not yet. Please check with your pharmacist for up to date drug information. Q: Why are some colours yellow and blue? A: The colour yellow means that it contains some yellow dye. This can cause your eyes to burn and skin feel painful. Blue is similar, but contains very little dye. Some cosmetics and medicines use both colours. Q: Why do some people have red or pink eyes? A: There are a number of different causes pink or where can you buy flagyl over the counter red eyes and they are not caused by your eyes or skin. The most common problems include allergic reactions to medicines, bacteria or viruses. A team of researchers from the University Washington and California Institute of Technology have made a very important step forward in Flagyl er $0.68 - pills Per pill understanding how water is stored in snowflakes -- a significant advance given the complexity of science involved. While the bulk of water in a snowflake is trapped within, but not between and the hexagons in crystal, water has been able to maintain its structure for as long 20,000 years -- far longer than scientists have believed possible. "We were surprised at how resilient the crystal is," said professor of bioengineering at the University Washington, Michael Graziano. "This is the first time that a detailed model of how snow crystals form has been built and verified." Dr Graziano is the lead author of a paper recently published in the journal Nature Communications which researchers describe how they built a computer model and tested it, discovered the strength of water's crystal structure is surprisingly well-understood by using the computer model to how water moves through it using tiny slits. "Snowflakes and ice crystals are the same type of material," said senior author Dr Jonathan Koo from the California Institute of Technology. "They both form under the influence of cold temperatures, and both can be used to store water. It's a beautiful symmetry, and there's lot of mystery to it." Snowflakes are made of many different types ice and are often called 'ice-nine' as they usually contain nine ice crystals that have come together into one, much like the number nine. "The strength of the crystal is a function of number factors including its size and the way in which water moves around," said co-author Dr Michael Tice, also from the California Institute of Technology. "The larger the volume you have, better water is trapped and the stronger crystal." In terms of the crystal's structure, researchers found water can be stored as an orderly, spherical honeycomb structure for as long 10 million years, much longer than previous estimates have predicted. "Our model shows that water and small crystals were not at odds," said co-author Dr Alexander Derevyanko, also of the California Institute.

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