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Valentine’s Day is upon us and it’s this time of year we remember why we love each other. We buy gifts of chocolates and flowers or take that special someone out to dinner. We have the same relationship with our cars, we buy them special gifts, like air fresheners or new wheels and we care for them dearly, god forbid anybody comes near it in a supermarket car park with a shopping trolley. Here are just some of the cars that just ooze love for the ClassicLine team.

Volkswagen Beetle

When talking about romantic cars it’s impossible not to mention the VW Beetle, not romantic in itself, but following its appearance as Herbie in the 1968 film, The Love Bug, the Beetle has become famed for being one of the most lovable, characterful and romantic cars on the roads today.

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

The Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow is one of the most popular wedding cars in the UK. Many newly married couples have left the chapel in this iconic aging Brit. It’s quiet, stately presence is commonplace as new romantics take a key step in their lives.

Ford Escort XR3

Back in the 80’s many a first date involved a small hot hatch of some kind and a secluded area. One of the more popular choices was the Escort XR3 for its spacious back seat. I can’t imagine why, it’s unlikely young couples would be moving furniture on a Friday night, maybe they had a large dog with them?

Volkswagen Type 2 Campervan

One of the most famous vans ever built, the Type 2 Campervan was a staple of campsites around the world. Also known as a ‘hippie bus’ this timeless classic is just as much a symbol of peace and love as it is of happy family camping holidays.

Jaguar E-Type

It’s hard to find a classic car as beloved as the Jaguar E-Type, its beauty stands tall to this day as an icon of design. But to find an E-Type with more love in it than Austin Power’s Shaguar is a tall order indeed. Adorned with a Union Jack this love machine powered the international man of mystery to all his liaisons in style.

What cars fill your heart with excitement, ClassicLine would LOVE to hear from you.