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Every season presents its own driving challenges and summer is no different.

Indeed, it isn’t any easier just because it’s warmer and the days are longer.

From sun glare to torrential downpours, motorists still face many driving challenges, so here’s ClassicLine’s five handy hints to make summer driving a pleasure and not a chore.

Glare beware

Dazzling sunlight is one of summer’s biggest driving hazards.

Actually, while the blazing sun is great for a BBQ or a relaxing afternoon in the garden, it can also cause impaired vision when behind the wheel.

Simple ways to help to help combat sun glare are keeping the windscreen as clean as possible, while any worn or damaged windscreen wipers should be replaced.

Take the tyre ground

Higher temperatures can have a devastating effect on tyres that are at the wrong pressure or already damaged, possibly resulting in a blowout.

Regular tyre checks, including checking the pressure, tread depth and overall condition, will help reduce this risk.

Also, if the car’s load is heavier than normal, perhaps with luggage or extra passengers, then don’t forget to check in the handbook for the correct tyre pressure.

Entertain me

Long motorway journeys can be extremely tedious, made even more unbearable by being forced to play I spy.

Thankfully, modern technology has leant a helping hand to keep the kids occupied with portable DVD players for movies, tablets and smartphones providing ample distraction.

If all these fail, then threaten them with a game of aforementioned I spy and they’ll soon settle down again.

Water world

This is not a nod to the post-apocalyptic film starring Kevin Costner but rather some advice to make sure you have enough water for yourself and passengers, especially on longer journeys.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to make sure your car is topped up with coolants and screenwash.

As for the 1995 film, can anybody remember the name of Kevin Costner’s character? No prizes for guessing correctly!

Time well spent

Planning ahead of your journey can pay dividends. For instance, do you have enough petrol or diesel to keep you going should there be a traffic jam?

Also, be realistic in your journey times. Unless you’re the luckiest person on the planet then there’s almost certainly no avoiding some sort of delay on the UK’s largest car park, otherwise known as the M25.

Do you have any summer driving tips? If so, ClassicLine would love to hear from you.